is an intelligent guide
that gives you superpowers
to see through confusing food marketing,
recognize unhealthy patterns in your diet
and correct it with ease
so you can eat what you love
and stay healthy at the same time

The Problem

Today we eat almost anything we can buy and find delicious. That gets the nutritional value of food out of control, leads to imbalances and eventually problems with our health. The numbers of food-induced cases of diabetes, obesity, cancer have skyrocketed over the last decades. And just losing pounds is not a solution.

However, figuring out how to eat right can be extremely difficult.

There are thousands of recipes including hundreds of food products, containing dozens of vital chemicals that we need to take into account and balance.

We feel lost in this ocean of information and vague directions given by the media. Confused, we keep asking “What should I eat?” or “What should I avoid?”

How to be sure that the food we eat and our dietary habits do not pose a danger to our lives and satisfy our bodies in the long term?

The Solution

The rise of Artificial Intelligence technology can be the game changer for the way we consider our diet, helping on multiple levels.

An interactive AI, understanding natural language, and serving as your personal food adviser. Always with you, ready to listen and help, having a deep understanding of what your food or recipe actually is, and how cooking affects the nutritional value. This is the MealMind.

Knowing you, knowing your food habits, the MealMind will use all the information to make the necessary conclusions.

The MealMind will let you know about potential problems and give hints on how to improve your diet for the better. So everything will be under your control.

The Mission

We deserve to have a protection against aggressive food marketing and fad diets. To not be fooled into harming ourselves. Buy and eat what our bodies really need, not what the marketing tells us.

MealMind is the attempt to build such protection. A friendly tool for making food choices easy, based on science and detailed recommendations from world-leading health organizations and certified professionals, backed by years of research.